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ClimateCalc is a calculation tool that provides customers and manufacturers with the relevant information concerning the total carbon footprint of a print and packaging product. It includes Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions as recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and several international industry and ISO standards.

A ClimateCalc calculation also provides knowledge about specific factors in the design and production processes that contribute to the overall carbon footprint. This can be used in the dialogue between customer and producer to make prioritised choices regarding the use of less CO2 intensive energy sources and materials which can contribute to an improved carbon footprint for the product.

Finally a specific product calculation provides a documented and accurate basis for potential compensation of the remaining carbon footprint.

ClimateCalc certified companies

A ClimateCalc certification documents that the company's data and carbon account have been verified by an external independent party during an annual audit.

The audit includes a check that the company's data is correct and that the data quality is in accordance with the guidelines for the use of data that form the basis of ClimateCalc.

Only companies that are ClimateCalc certified can use ClimateCalc to calculate the carbon footprint of specific print or packaging products.

Standards and data

The quality and credibility of a carbon calculation for a specific product depends particularly on the data used and how representative they are for both the company and the specific raw materials used in the production of the product.

ClimateCalc therefore uses data that is as specific to the company and product as possible. When specific data is not possible, data from internationally recognized databases is used.

ClimateCalc uses verified data and calculates in accordance with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and several international industry standards and ISO standards, ensuring that the calculations can be compared across companies and countries.

Access to the ClimateCalc calculator

If you have a login to ClimateCalc, you can access the ClimateCalc calculator here.

ClimateCalc demo

The demo version allows you to view the carbon account and background data for a fictitious company without having user access to ClimateCalc.